Consulting Solutions

Cybersecurity Solutions

Are you happy with your current Cybersecurity strategy? Contact us for more information! We also work with Non-Profit Organizations.

-Risk Assessment (we can help identify risks and how they impact your business)
-Lifecycle Management (do you have appropriate documentation/processes to responsibly manage your products from beginning, throughout existence, until the end?)
-Penetration Testing (understand how your business stands up to continuous outside threats)
-Vulnerability Management (understand how to identify, address, and manage vulnerability landscape of your organization)
-Multi-Factor Authentication Design & Implementation (trust who, when, and how you want users to access your resources) 
-Service Delivery, Monitoring, & Incident Handling (devices, health, service, security monitoring. How do you manage countless unrelated moving pieces?)
-Vendor Management (are you comfortable with your strategic relationships and measurable performance with your vendors and partners? Why does it feel like sometimes everyone is pointing at the other person?)
-Cloud Architecture & Deployment (You can do much more than you might think without most of the hardware previously required to do such things)
-Marketing & Public Relations (the Incident Handling process, sales, service, delivery, governance, all require marketing & public relations. While wearing many hats, the OPS/SOC folks were the ones that the marketing & public relations teams lean on heavily)
-Artificial Intelligence (the term AI is misused in many contexts. We understand how to use AI ethically and effectively to match your goals.
-Education / Training / Training Documentation
-Integration (every integration is a challenge. If you involve the right resources, integration is possible even when the initial goal seems impossible)
-Reporting (“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”. –William Bruce Cameron (Einstein often credited incorrectly)
-Disaster Recovery (DR comes in many forms, depending on how much you want to spend vs how much you want to make available, redundant, etc. No matter what size your budget, a DR plan can save you much more in the long run if/when disaster occurs)
-Hiring practices (sourcing qualified candidates)
-Interviewing & hiring (diversity & inclusion)
-Website & logo design (we can help you upgrade your analog business to move quickly, efficiently, and securely in today’s digital landscape)
-Security Device Management
-Cyber Operations Center Design & Architecture
-Project Management

Personal Solutions

Are you satisfied with your current goals? Contact us for more information!

-Community Outreach
-Tools for Handling Undesirable Scenarios
-Need General Guidance?
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Training Solutions

We can create your training documentation, process, procedure, and/or we’ll even train your entire team(s)!

-Project Management
-Goal Setting
-Cybersecurity Education Guidance Program
-Free Consultations

Core Values

Take it Light’s core values consist of Empathy, Honesty, Accountability, Communication, Knowledge (e.H.A.C.K.). We believe in genuine, open, honest, and transparent communication in a consistent manner. Our results are measurable; our strategies are Inclusive, Sustainable, and Accessible. 

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