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About Us


Our cybersecurity consulting company specializes in comprehensive solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes.

Our experience, professional network, and efficient operational overhead, allows us to provide a wider range of solutions, lower costs, more direct human interaction, and much faster turnaround times, compared to competitors.

Upgrade your cybersecurity posture, enhance your expertise, and protect your reputation.

Contact us to schedule a free assessment & consultation. We work hard so you can TAKE IT LIGHT!

Consulting Solutions

Cyber Solutions

Are you happy with your current Cybersecurity strategy? Contact us for more information! We also work with Non-Profit Organizations. 
-Risk Assessment 
-Lifecycle Management 
-Penetration Testing 
-Vulnerability Management 
-Multi-Factor Authentication Design & Implementation (ask about Zero Trust) 
-Security Device Management 
-Cyber Operations Center Design & Architecture
-Service Delivery, Monitoring, & Incident Handling 
-Vendor Management 
-Cloud Architecture & Deployment 
-Marketing & Public Relations 
-Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
-Education / Training / Training Documentation 
-Integration (knowledge & skill) 
-Project Management 
-Disaster Recovery 
-Hiring practices (sourcing qualified candidates) 
-Interviewing & hiring (diversity & inclusion) 
-Change Control

Personal Solutions

Are you satisfied with your current goals? Contact us for more information! 
-Community Outreach 
-Budget Planning & Implementation
-Tools for Handling Undesirable Scenarios 
-Need General Guidance? Contact us for free advice!

Training Solutions

We can create your training documentation, process, procedure, and/or we’ll even train your entire team(s)! 
-Project Management 
-Setting Goals
-Website & logo design 
-Cybersecurity Education Guidance Program 
-Free Consultations

The World Economic Forum and Fortinet says:

Shortage of Cybersecurity Workers
Annual Increase in Ransomware
Increase in Annual Cost of Cybercrime
Did you know?

FBI Cyber Safety Tips and Resources